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…The girl was looking around her new apartment she was to stay in for a next week. Andrea's inborn curiosity didn't let her stop for a moment, until she had found a thing that stole all her attention. The thing turned out to be the hostess's plastic dildo, which was hidden under the huge bed. Thinking of the multiple possibilities of using such a device, Andrea didn't notice herself moving own hands across the body and slowly undressing herself. Finally the girl found herself laying on the bed, with her long slender legs widely spread. Horny babe rubbed the clit with her fingers and soon couldn't restrain herself: the dildo penetrated the student's wet slit. The girl was too busy with self-satisfaction, to hear the door open. See Nicole helping the girl fuck herself inside!

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Studying is hard, even if you have personal tutor to guide you through the impassible jungle of mathematic analysis. Especially when the tutor is an attractive elderly woman, who is not ashamed of showing her not so young, but still fresh body. Gia had spread her legs wide, calling for the tender hands of her tutor. Flexible fingers in a second got onto the girl's slit, still covered with the thin fabric of her panties. The babe gave a start feeling her cunt growing wet. Oh, how she wanted this sexy woman to lick her clit, to kiss her belly and breasts! Jules seemed to read her thoughts - the mature woman sat down, and pressed own face against the teenagers slit, caressing her pussy. The vibrator began tickling the student's clit… Hear her screams of pleasure inside NOW!

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- And what if anybody hears us? - Asked Jessie in a low voice. She was already half naked, when the hand of her partner had reached the girl's pussy. - Don't be afraid, babe! We'll do it quiet and quick! - With these words Kristina pulled the college-girl's skirt up and skillfully landed between her legs. The film room got filled with horny screams and moans of unbelievable pleasure… The girls got the time to exchange the positions, and Kristina even got her portion of cunt-licking, when the administrator had entered the film-room. The woman began shouting on the bare sluts, but soon her voice grew kind, and she even promised no to tell anybody about this case if the girls would let her be the third in their lesbian orgy! Watch this awesome threesome only here!

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